Attic cleanout

We are in the final stages of cleaning out the attic space (did you know we have an attic? It’s like Narnia up there!) and could use some hands to help carry items down to be taken to the dump or donated. It would help if you don’t mind doing repeated stairs, can handle hotter conditions, and don’t mind getting a bit dirty/dusty! We would recommend 2-3 people working at a time, and will finish up whatever is left at our July 13 work party!

This is a time-sensitive need.

classroom cleanout

The classrooms attached to our main building are beginning to undergo renovation to help get them ready for the new Anchor Kids launch in late August. We need a few people who will help clear out the remaining items not being used. We have several pianos and random items that can either be junked or donated. If you like to get rid of stuff on “Offer Up” or get items to Goodwill or similar places, this would be a great project for you!

This is a time-sensitive need.

classroom painting

Once the classrooms have been cleaned out and patched up, they will need a fresh coat of paint. If you like to paint, this could be a great project for you to jump in on! This will be ongoing as we finish up the 5 rooms outside and would be a fun project for a group of friends or an Anchor Group to tackle, “Adopt a classroom” style!

This is a time-sensitive need.

outside look team

We have a lot of land, which means that we have a lot of yard work! If you are someone who likes to spend time in the great outdoors and enjoys making things look good, this could be a really great opportunity for you! Various projects include: weeding the different areas of the church, mowing the big field (we have a tractor), mowing the front-facing areas of the church, trash pick-up, etc. This team is incredibly valuable as they help craft what people see for the first time when they visit Anchor, creating a welcoming environment for all!

This is an ongoing need.

Since we took over an old building, there has been a lot of amazing projects undertaken to make our home hospitable and welcoming to all who walk through our front doors. This team will be instrumental in ensuring we are taking care of our space as we continue to grow and see more traffic! Some projects would include: spot cleaning the carpets around the building, painting projects, designing & building furniture pieces for various environments, paint-touching up walls as they show wear, decorating for various holidays, etc. This team is so important because it is the eyes of the church, keeping our interiors looking beautiful and thoughtfully cared for.

This is an ongoing need.

inside look team


Because we are using an old building with a lot of furniture and old stuff left behind, we have some areas that still need to be demo’d and cleaned out. If you like to get crazy with a crowbar or sledge hammer, we’ve got just the space for you to jump in!

This is an ongoing need as projects arise.