The Greek word for “disciple” could be translated as: learner.

Meaning, someone who is learning the way of Jesus. Someone who is, as they grow in their understanding of God, learning more about themselves. Someone that is learning about this world that God created good but is now fragile and fallen but will one day be redeemed world. A disciple is a learner.

This means that every follower of Jesus should be humble, after all, they are still learning. This means that every follower of Jesus should be kind. After all, the person that steps on your toes, cuts you off in traffic, or unintentionally overlooks you is still learning too. This means that everyone that is a follower of Jesus should be hungry to grow, to learn, to expand.

At Anchor, we want to embrace this practice and commitment to learning, and you’re invited to be a part of this journey. You’re invited to be a learner, to follow Jesus knowing that while we don’t have the answers we are following the One who does. You are invited into this community that freely admits, “We’re all learning here.”


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