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growth in purpose and depth in community

The hunger for purpose and community is universal; it's woven into what it means to be human, bear God's image, and follow Jesus. That's what you'll experience through the Anchor Internship—growth in purpose and depth in community. As an Anchor Intern, your design, gifts, and story will be part of bringing Jesus-centered hope to people across our city.

Developing Leaders


Explore Your Calling
Explore your calling through personalized assessments, mentoring, roundtables, and increasing ministry responsibilities
Opportunities to Lead
Opportunities that help you lead, speak, and hone self-awareness and people skills to prepare you for wherever God leads.
Develop Your Strengths
Develop your strengths and growth areas as you uniquely contribute to your ministry team.


Belong to Community
Belong to Anchor’s imperfect community of Jesus-followers through Anchor Groups, Meet-ups, Anchor School courses, and your Anchor Intern cohort.
Link Arms with Others
Link arms with others who share your vision and want to partner with you to bring Jesus-centered hope to others.
Join a Family
Become part of a multi-campus, multi-ethnic, multi-gen family that wants you to flourish.


Open Yourself to God
Open yourself to God through spiritual formation opportunities and practices that invite growth.
Take Risks
Take risks toward personal development in a culture where it’s safe to fail forward.
Be Real with Others
Be real as you discuss challenges, doubts, and breakthroughs with other Jesus-followers from your intern cohort, staff team, and classes.

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Why the Anchor Internship?

In the Anchor Internship, you’ll find diverse and creative ways to serve, lead, and build community in this 6-year-old church plant that has grown and launched 2 new growing campuses. This is no “go fetch my coffee” gig. You’ll have real responsibility that leads to real development. Not only does Anchor offer people in Tacoma the hope-filled message of Jesus, but Tacoma offers the amenities of a big city alongside welcoming neighborhoods and unbelievable options for outdoor adventures in the PNW.

When does the Internship start?

The Anchor Internship term is September 1 through May 31.

Are Interns Paid?

Interns receive a monthly stipend of $500 plus free tuition for Anchor School Bible and theology classes that are eligible for academic credit through our partnership with Crown College. You could come away with up to 9 credit hours at no cost, plus 3 credits for a ministry practicum.

What does an Intern work week look like?

Interns work an average of 20 hours/week. This includes Sundays, class sessions, Intern roundtables, staff gatherings for training, worship, and collaboration, mentoring with your ministry lead, events, and ministry-area responsibilities.

What ministry areas are available?

Interns are assigned to one of the following ministry areas based on the gifts and the ministry needs:

  • Spiritual Formation & Groups
  • Anchor Kids (Birth–5th grade)
  • Anchor Students (Middle school–High school)
  • Worship
  • Production
  • Connections & Hospitality

Can I earn college credit for Anchor Internship classes?

Anchor Interns take part in Anchor School classes that deepen their understanding of scripture and theology through discussion-based classes taught by Anchor pastoral staff and qualified others with expertise. Most Anchor School classes are eligible for academic credit at Crown College if performance is 80% or above.

Can I have a job outside of the Anchor Internship?

The Anchor Internship is a significant commitment, but having a part-time job with flexible hours is a great way for you to meet financial needs. If conflicts exist with outside work, you will need to choose which to continue. Having a full-time job outside the internship is not allowed. In addition to the unavoidable time conflicts that arise, we believe that working 60 hours a week on a regular basis leads to personal burnout and prevents scripturally sound rhythms of work and rest.

Is the Anchor Internship for me?

The most important things we look for in Anchor Interns are humility, teachability, and a commitment to following Jesus. If that's you, we'd love for you to apply.

When are applications due?

Applications are due by June 30 for the 2024-25 cohort. Applications received after June 30 will be considered for new Internship positions that develop and/or the 2025-26 cohort.

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Anchor Groups

Open and growing groups develop lasting relationships, talk about who God is, and what it looks like to follow Him.

Anchor Kids

A safe and loving environment for kids to experience the hope of the Gospel while having a lot of fun.

Anchor Students

Fun, connection, and community for 6th through 12th graders.

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Watch one of our latest teachings at Anchor.

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Jesus served us, so we serve others. Joining a serve team is also a great way to meet new people.

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